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StickFix: How a local business is saving the environment one stick at a time

Cliff Hendrickson is the owner of StickFix, a growing Calgary business that is committed to keeping carbon fibre sporting goods out of the dump.

Cliff Hendrickson wants to stick it to expensive hockey gear.

He turned his passion for hockey into a career with StickFix – a company that will not only save athletes money but also keeps non-decomposable carbon fibre materials out of the landfill.

While the city of Calgary is on track to unveil their city-wide Green Cart program later this year, Hendrickson has been doing his part to keep other unnecessary items out of the landfill since 1978.

Hendrickson explains that he doesn’t think carbon fibre breaks down in landfills, he says, “we’re actually looking at ways to recycle carbon fibre, other than the repairs [we do], and we haven’t found one yet.”

There are many costs associated with playing team sports, aside from registration fees, the cost of equipment can quickly put a strain on your wallet. Hendrickson hopes to alleviate some of the financial stress of being a hockey player by fixing broken hockey sticks for a fraction of what is costs to buy a new stick.

Most equipment can be cleaned and donated but hockey sticks are often broken and the most costly to replace, Hendrickson’s method provides an alternative for throwing out those broken items. Aside from hockey sticks, StickFix prides themselves in being able to fix virtually any carbon fibre items from ski poles to windsurfers.

Although the company was founded in Calgary, it has since expanded with it's newest location opening soon in Sudbury, Ontario.

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