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About Us

How Stick Fix Started

Our Founder, Cliff Hendrickson has been repairing racquets since the late 1970s, along with other composite products. In 2003 he was asked if could fix a composite hockey stick. He repaired the hockey stick and waited a few weeks before contacting this customer and asked how the repaired hockey held together and performed. The customer’s repsonse was “Great! I felt no difference [in the stick]”.

At this point we knew we had a new product to work on. Along with tweaking from our Chemical Engineer, Stick Fix Repair Process hit the market in January 2004. We became the answer to the broken hockey stick problem. We now offered an enormous savings to parents and teams.

"We offer an enormous savings to parents and teams." 

Driven. Relentless. Proven.

Stick Fix is driven and has a relentless determination to continue being the best. We have a roll-up your sleeve mentality toward innovation, customer listening, the best-proven repair system, and exceptional service knowledge.

Mission Statement

Our mission, in partnership with every Franchisee and Team Member, is to be the industry leader through commitment to excellence in customer service, product quality, value, and community leadership.

Performance & Craftsmanship


The StickFix™ system has been perfectedover 30 years. Attention to detail such asmaterials, stick flex, length and weight makeour solution the best and most accurateavailable today.

In 2015, sticks accounted for around 25% of the global ice hockey equipment market. The significant growth of this market segment is fueled by the need to frequently change the sticks and blades to maintain performance, especially among regular players. Valued at around $170 million in 2015, the global ice hockey stick market       is expected to generate a revenue of almost $207                  million by 2020.

                 - Infinity Research - Global Ice Hockey Equipment Market Trends

By The Numbers...


Valued at around $170 million in 2015, the global ice hockey stick market is expected to generate a revenue of almost $207 million by 2020.

The rising cost of hockey is a struggle for many families.

Hockey is becoming an elite sport with the cost of gear, skates and sticks continuing to rise. Parents are getting stretched to thelimit financially, especially if they have more than one child playing. At StickFix™ we’ve found a way to reduce the stick cost by over 50%for all players. With our motto ‘keep you stick in the game,’ playerscan keep their favourite composite high performance stick in playfor months or years longer

RezPlast and Stick Fix Sudbury?

At Rezplast, we offer many services in the areas of design, production and inspection. Our company continuously works with top engineers to meet and exceed customer demands.

Since we already have expertise dealing with various materials including carbon fibre on an industrial level, we decided that it just made sense to expand to fixing carbon fibre products on a commercial level.


We believe that hockey should be affordable for everyone, that is why we partnered with Stick Fix, so we can provide the best carbon fibre repair that will allow players to keep their stick in the game.

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